Thursday, May 27, 2004

Bits and bobs from the Beeb

Couple of interesting stories from the BBC's Olympic site (

Firstly, according to British Olympic chief Simon Clegg, Britain are expecting to win between 6 and 9 gold medals this summer, compared to the 11 we won at Sydney (which was our best for 80 years). Not quite sure what 9 events he's thinking of - off the top of my head I'm guessing the women's marathon and a bit of rowing are involved, but I can't think of 9 realistic possibles.

Secondly, another article tells of the 2 hour security checks fans can expect to face before each Olympic event they go to - although presumably they're just saying you should make sure you get there 2 hours before the events start in order to make sure. Interesting fact right at the end of the article too - apparently 'About 1.9m out of a total 5.2 million tickets have been sold so far.' Which means 3.3 million are up for grabs when they go back on sale in June. If Mr Clegg would only specify which shooting, sailing or, perhaps, arm-wrestling events he's got marked down for GB wins then I could get myself on the golden trail!

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