Sunday, May 16, 2004

Keep your stars and stripes to yourselves...

Interesting piece in the Washington Times today about how US athletes are being told not to celebrate Olympic victories by grabbing a USA flag and thrusting it boastfully around the track. The Americans are, apparently, hoping to use the Games to improve their worldwide image right now. And agressive, jingoistic flag waving would probably have the opposite effect.

"Unfortunately, using the flag as a prop or a piece of apparel or indulging in boasting behavior is becoming part of our society in sport because every night on TV we see our athletes — professional, college or otherwise — taunting their opponents and going face-to-face with each other," says Mike Moran, who's consulting the US Olympic Committee. "We are trying for 17 days to break that culture.'

Whether the athletes will play the blindest bit of notice is, of course, another matter. Full story on the link below. US athletes told to cool it at Olympics

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