Sunday, May 30, 2004

Greetings from Paris...

Hello from a net cafe in Paris where they have a confusing keyboard with an AZERTY as opposed to a QWERTY one. They also have signs up bigging up their bid for the 2012 Games, which we do not have in London.

Funnily enough the big Olympic news of the day comes from outta Paris, with the news that Lyndsay Davenport, who won tennis gold in Atlanta in 1996 and who is in Paris for the French Open, has said she might not come to Athens.

"It's an awkward feeling going somewhere where maybe Americans aren't really wanted," she said.

Which is a pretty ridiculous thing to say. Is she saying that Athenians do not want Americans there? Or the public in general? 0r sports fans? As someone who is going to the tennis finals at the Games, I was hoping to just see the best players. Lyndsay needs to realise that there is a difference between being afraid to go somewhere because of the possible threats from a tiny minority and not being wanted there by the overwhelming majority.

I hope she still comes.

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