Monday, May 31, 2004

There's good news and bad news...

Hey up, I'm back from Paris (yeah, had a lovely time, thanks for asking). Two big stories today, one good, one bad.

Let's go with the bad one first - from the Sydney Morning Herald (those Aussies really don't seem to be getting in the spirit). According to the story, costs are spiralling out of control because of the extra security measures being taken. No great surprise really I suppose. The story also talks about US Federal Agents coming to protect US athletes. So that should help Lyndsay rest easy. Then again, maybe not. Full story below... Athens Olympics facing $1.7bn budget blowout

And the good news? Ah, that would be that according to IOC president Jacques Rogge the Games will definitely be ready to start on time. Which is good to know for those of us that have spent a small fortune on flights to get to Athens for Aug 13. Be a blummin' shame if we got there only to find little posters up in the airport asking us to come back next month, Full story below... Rogge says Athens on schedule

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