Tuesday, September 14, 2004

1906 Marriages With Foriegners Act

Hey up

So, I'm still getting 100+ visitors to this site a day, even though the Olympics are long-gone. Problem is, I'm not quite sure what to tell you next. Maybe you're like those folks in America who live in the hills that don't know WW2 is over. Hmm, but then again, you need the internet to look at this site and that's a pretty good way of keeping up with the news. Maybe you're all Robin addicts. Must say, he's walking with quite a strut since he got back from NYC. I think he thinks he's John Travolta at the start of 'Saturday Night Fever' (but without the tight trousers and with wings).

So, in the absence of anything Olympics-related to tell you about (although the Paralympics do start in a couple of days) I thought I'd let you know that, as of this morning, I have complied with the 1906 Marriage With Foreigners Act, by visiting Haringey Register Office in north London. There, I set the wheels in motion that will get me a 'no impediment' form to take out to Athens to show the Orthodox folks that I'm not married already, in order that I can marry my fiance there in February. So, assuming no one in the Haringey Registry Office area who likes to peruse the forthcoming marriage notice board knows something I don't, I'll get the form in 21 days. Think the plan is to take it to Athen late in October sometime.

Is that interesting? Is that the sort of thing you're coming to this site for? Or is just the Robin pics? Hard to say really. But thanks for coming. I may be baffled by your visits, but I appreciate them very much all the same.