Monday, September 27, 2004

Robin and Robyn!

They love each other like sister and brother
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Yes, with Robin back in Britain after his jaunt to San Francisco, he spent the weekend catching up with his sister Robyn (for who my Mum had created a special new haircut!). This picture was taken at Burton Albion v York City football/soccer match.

Although York - my team - have had an awful start to the season in the lowest league they've played in for 80 years, I saw them win 2-0. We've only won three games out of 10 this season, and the two I've been to have both been victories. Last season, I saw 11 games and only one win!

In fact, Robin has only ever been to two York City games and his record is
Goals for: 5
Goals against: 0
Wins: 2

Not surprisingly a few of the long-suffering York fans were hoping he'll be coming again soon!

For now, though, he's got more travelling to do. Another country tomorrow - this time a little bit closer to home and this time with me (rather than my fiance). Watch le space...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for Robyn! (Though I had pictured her a brunette.)

~ Ginger from TN