Friday, September 10, 2004

Robin hits the Big Apple!

He's an English bird in New York
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Yes folks, this is Robin in Time Square in NYC, where I've come with work for a few days.

Lots of Olympic advertising up around the place still and I saw a chap at a gig last night wearing an Athens 2004 official T-shirt (ah, brought back memories) but that's about as Olympic as the trip's got so far.

I've been over here a few times, but this is Robin's first time in the big apple where. after a couple of rainy days, the sun has finally got its hat on today.

I was meant to be getting Saturday off - which means I would've been able to go and see GB's Tim Henman in his first US Open semi final - but sadly now I've got to work. Hey ho. Guess that's what happens when you're on a work trip rather than a holiday. Well done Henman though - hope he makes the final (it's a long shot - he's playing Federer).

Robin was obviously most excited about coming to Gotham because it meant the chance of meeting his namesake hero. But, alas, as yet, we've yet to run into Batman and his tight-trousered assistant...


Anonymous said...

Hey - good to see Cathy and KJ back again and to know you are both fine.

What a shame about not getting to the tennis, I did wonder if you might. Have you read anything over there about the Serena Williams umpiring debacle?


Anonymous said...


Yes, I'm still reading! But now I have that infernal theme song to the 1960's television show running through my head:

"Batman ... *highervoice* Batman .... *lowervoice* Batman ... dadadadadadadadadadadada ... BATMAN!!"

Thanks so much for that.

Hope you and Robin enjoy your time in New York. It may be a work trip, but it is certainly better than a vacation in Florida at this point.

Any plans to go by the WTC site?

~ Ginger in Tennessee

noelle said...

Dang, that bird gets around! Hope you're both enjoying NYC. So glad you're keeping the blog going!

And it seems the officiating controversies are endless, doesnt it? Although so far i haven't heard any sports commentators suggest that Capriati should refuse to continue playing and ask for Williams to be advanced instead.... lol

Dawn said...

Funny, my son is actually watching Batman as I read your post - perhaps a spiritual connection to Robin? I keep reading and checking back, but I haven't had anything to say as of late.