Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Robin gets an Eiffel!

Ah, le Robin!
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Yes, me and Robin took the train across from London to Paris yesterday afternoon - the trains are amazingly handy, gets you there in well under 3 hours without any of the hassle of long checking in times and all that airport gubbins.

As you'll see, we got up early for a wander around Paris and to get a nice shot of the tower before we came back to London. Wasn't the nicest day in Paris but it's a lovely, relaxing city to be in, even when you're only there for a few hours.

I notice they've got posters everywhere gathering support for their 2012 Olympic bid. London is bidding too, but it isn't nearly as obvious. I've still yet to really decide whether I firmly support London's bid or not. Obviously having the Olympics was great for Athens and it ends up being good for every city, but there just seems to be such an apathy about it among Londoners that I'm not sure we deserve it.

I think New York's a strong bid, particularly as they've never had it, but the fact US TV isn't showing any of the Athens Paralympics might be held against them, as they'll need to convince the IOC they want the Paralympics as much as the Olympics.

Oh, by the way, Vix wrote to point out that I haven't taken any pictures of Robin in London yet. Any of you got anything you'd particularly like to see him pictured by?


Anonymous said...

First thoughts re Robin in London - you need to think of different categories, eg theatre (Leicester Square), concerts (Royal Albert Hall), heritage (Buck House, Art (National Gallery taking in Trafalgar Square), modern (London Eye). Your thinking is right though - its those around the world in the Blog family who need to request. I was thinking of a collage for the pictures at the top of the blog.

Does the UK assume London will, or will not get the 2012 Games? Come on UK - if the French can drum up support surely we can - national pride at stake here!!

Anonymous said...

When I think of England, I think "Big Ben".

Anonymous said...

Platform 9 and 3/4, King's Cross Station please. ;)

~ Ginger from TN

Anonymous said...

Please : Picadilly Circus!!
Concerning the tram vs. trolley car: maybe there is a difference: tram has the electrical wire above it while the trolley has it underground.. well i think, i'm not a specialist, but here in Brussels, wire are on top and we say "Tram".

See Ya,


Anonymous said...

.. and i fogot: Vive les Jeux à Paris en 2012!!!


Eljudio said...

Hello!! I'm one of ypur visitors, ha ha!! have a nice weekend from MEXICO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kit,
Don't forget Victoria Station! When my sister was in London, she brought me back everything that had 'Victoria Station' on it. But now I can't find any of it. I'd love to see Robin there.

Vix (Victoria) in Philly

P.S. Still no tacky souvenir. :`-C

Anonymous said...

Can brothers take robin on their travels too? Edward/Brother