Sunday, September 19, 2004

Lazy Sunday. Golf. Wedding. Other stuff...

Robin. In bed. With radio.
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Hey up folks.

Welcome to my lazy Sunday afternoon. Robin's sitting in bed listening to the last day of the Ryder Cup which has just teed off (it's only on pay TV, so we're listening on the radio). Can't believe how well we (the only time anyone in Europe ever says 'we' for the whole continent) are doing against the US. Be a great victory if we keep this lead. But I'm counting no chickens just yet.

So it seems the posting about the 1906 Marriage With Foreigners Act was just what you were after. And I'm proud to say that if you search for that act on Google, this is the only site that comes up! Hurrah. I can see us getting hordes of new visitors through that one!

Got lots of comments to the post too, but I'm afraid I've had to delete them. Thing is my mum posted up the link to the info site for my wedding which is meant to be just for people that are coming (my fault for not telling her this!). Obviously most of you would be very welcome to read it (that certainly includes you KJ!), but our guests will be posting personal details on there (where they're staying, time they're arriving etc) so, sorry, but we decided to keep it private.

But don't worry, the plan isn't for me to post about the wedding on there - that's what this site is for! So you won't be missing anything very exciting. All my pre-wedding thoughts will be on here (though I'm still not sure why you're so excited to read about it).

So, I should deal with the comments that got deleted. Ginger pointed out that it's meant to be Japanese people in the hills that don't know WWII finished, as opposed to Americans (a straw poll at work confirmed this). She also asked for a pic of Robin at the Register Office. Sorry, I was too shy to take him. Next time...

Another pic request came from KJ who wants to see Robin with my Mum (she being Sarah/typical Mum) - no probs. Reckon we might be able to sort that one next weekend when I'm at home (and, of course, Robin's sister Robyn lives there too!)

Cathy asked if I managed to make it along to any of the 9/11 memorial events when I was in NYC. Sadly not. I really wanted to, but having arrived back from Philadelphia on the Saturday morning at 10am, I literally had to sit in my hotel room working until about midnight, when I went to bed. Then got up at 6am to go to the airport to catch the plane home. Would've liked to see the twin beams of light, especially. Ah well.

Meanwhile, Diegem in Belgium asked if we have to give a blood sample before the wedding. No, don't think so. Don't think that's ever been the rule here (though, hasten to add, I've not been married before!).

So what's new on the wedding? Well, apart from setting up the (infamous) website for guests this weekend, we've been sending out some pre-invitation invites, just so that people know the details and can book their flights. It's a really great feeling that so many people are coming out to Greece for us. It's only 150 days (or so) away now. Exciting times.

Last but not least, the Paralympics have obviously started in Athens this weekend. Would love to have been there - saw bits of the Opening Ceremony online and it looked great, packed stadium too. And GB have already won quite a few golds - we came second in the overall medals table in Sydney and we look like being there or there abouts again.

Actually, there's talk of a parade of gold medal winners from both Games in London once the Paralympics. You can bet your rice pudding me and Robin will be down the front for that one!

Right. Best go. Robin's off on another jet-setting trip tomorrow (this time with my fiance) so keep an eye out to see where he lands this time...

ps. hope you like the new random picture bar thingy at the top - ah, happy memories!


Dawn said...

You wonder why we are so excited to read about our wedding? Simply put, because none of us have to deal with the stress that results from planning a wedding. I lived through it once and enjoy the outside view of it all. We can laugh at your ordeal of choosing who should sit next to whom while preventing WWIII from breaking out.
Latly,most of us are romantics, and we truely enjoy a love story.

Joanna said...

You provide an amusing look at organsing a wedding something I didn't have the pleasure (or stress) of doing for myself as I was only engaged for 1 and 1/2 hours !! The husband organised the whole thing without me knowing.

Anonymous said...

So glad your co-workers agreed with me!

~ Ginger in TN

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