Monday, October 18, 2004

Robin attends GB Olympic parade!

A Robin among pigeons
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Yes, several months after the Olympics finished and we all came back to the UK, the British athletes finally got their victory parade today.

Floats carrying all the medal winners from the Olympics and the Paralympics went through London and ended up in Trafalger Square, where we went to see them.

The BBC were broadcasting the whole thing live and they went through batches of different athletes on the big stage, showing highlights and interviewing them.

Although the crowd gave nice cheers to the rowers, the relay squad, Kelly Holmes and all the rest, to be honest the whole thing felt a wee bit flat. Perhaps cos it was Monday lunchtime. Perhaps cos it all went on quite a long time. Or perhaps because it was such a long time ago that they actually won their medals. Still, nice to go along and wave our little flags at some of the folks we last saw on podiums in Athens (and, let's face it, we couldn't not go - having made it all the way to Athens, a few hundred metres from my work is nothing!).

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Anonymous said...

I wondered if Robin would get to this. Saw a little of it on TV last night too and people seemed upbeat about it. Having seen the real thing in Athens though I suspect it was bound to be a bit flat for Kit and Robin though I take the point about it being some time since the event. However, the Olympians had to wait for the Para-Olympians. Next step is to call them all Olympians and drop the Para.
Hope all the Blog family around the world are well.