Friday, October 15, 2004

Robin's lunch-break adventure: Pt 2

Robin. Big Ben. Parliament
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So having waited seven blummin' minutes for a tube (seven blummin' minutes is a long time to wait for a tube) we made it to Westminster station, which looks right out on Big Ben.

Sorry it's a bit dark (even with the camera's over-exposure turned up), but that's the weather in London today. Cold, dark and rainy. Brrrr.

Obviously pub quiz fans will point out you can't actually see Big Ben, because Big Ben is the bell, rather than the tower. But, hey, you can see the tower holding it, and the Houses of Parliament and even a traditional red London bus (which are being fazed out as we speak).

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Anonymous said...

YEAH!! Robin returns! With Big Ben and a red double-decker bus in one shot! Now that is one seriously British picture. A good candidate for your holiday cards that one is.

~ Ginger from TN