Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Robin goes to Italian footie! But where will he go in London? You decide!

Robin Italian style
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Hey up

Yes, our hectic jet-setting lifestyle continued this weekend (honestly, we're not always like this) when we flew to Italy, a present I gave my fiance for her birthday in July.

We went to Treviso on Saturday, a beautiful little town about 20 miles from Venice, also with waterways through the town, but not jam packed full of tourists (Venice is nice, but once is probably enough).

Then, on Sunday we took the train up to Udine, where we went to see Udinese play Juventus, one of the best football teams in the whole wide world! The fella on the ball in the background is Trezeguet, just one of a number of world-class players they have. We ended up in the Juventus end (Lex got a five euro discount just for being female!) and Robin kept up his winning mascot record - Juve won 1-0.

And now back to London where debate is hotting up as to where Robin should have his first London picture taken. So, now I want you to vote. And here is the shortlist:

1. Big Ben
2. Picadilly Circus
3. Buckingham Palace
4. Trafalger Square
5. London Eye
6. Victoria Station (for Vix)

So, get your votes in the on the comments form below (easiest way is to click on Post Anonymously). And on Friday lunchtime I'll go and get a pic of whichever one's got most votes.


Anonymous said...

I reckon Big Ben would make the best shot! And it is a very cool clock with a very cool name!

Dawn said...

"Look kids, it's Big Ben" as said by Chevy Chase in "European Vacation". If the Griswalds get to see Big Ben, then Robin should too.

Anonymous said...

1,2,4 and 6 are boring so its the top of the eye or Lizzie's pad. I would like to see robin at Buck house with a big-hat man.
Kevin, Dundee.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as I am a Horatio fan (Hornblower, but Nelson was kinda cool, too... ;)), I simply must vote for Trafalgar Square.

And three cheers for Robin and his winning streak at football games!

Cathy from NJ

Anonymous said...

It's been a long while since I've been to London, but isn't Trafalger Square where all the pigeons are? I'd like to see a photo of Robin feeding the pigeons, please!

Linda (from Alaska)

Anonymous said...

One vote for London Eye !

Cheers Shay (tassie)