Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Robin London pic voting hots up!

Quick update for you on the voting for the where-I-should-do-a-picture-of-Robin-in-London voting (to save you the effort of having to click on the comments on the post below).

Five votes in.

2 x Big Ben
2 x Trafalger Square
1 x Buckingham Palace
0 x Picadilly Circus, London Eye, Victoria Station

Oooh, you could cut the excitement with a knife. Even a blunt one. Who will the winner be come Friday lunchtime when I shall venture out to take said picture in my lunch break? One of the above is ten minutes from my office, others rather further - but I'm looking for a fair contest, so I won't tell you which...

Get those votes in on the comments tab on the post below (hmm, so it looks like you'll have to click on it after all...)


Dawn said...

If comes down to a tie, you should go with those votes that came first. After all, those who vote early must care the most. :)Big Ben Big Ben Big Ben

Anonymous said...

Well, I still want Platform 9 and 3/4, but from these offerings I would like to see Big Ben of course!

Anonymous said...

Well, I still want Platform 9 and 3/4, but out of these offerings I'll take BIG BEN.

~ Ginger from TN

Anonymous said...

Oy! Sorry for the double post ... the silly thing wasn't showing up. But I had forgotten to leave my name the first time anyway, so I guess it served a purpose.

By the way, BIG BEN!

Do my three votes count three times? :) Like they say in Chicago, "Vote early and often!"

~ Ginger from TN

Anonymous said...

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger... I am dees-a-point-ted in you. ;) C'mon all you loafers ~ you know you want to vote (Trafalgar)!

Cathy from NJ

Anonymous said...

Buckingham Palace please,prefferably during Changing the Guard.E xx

Anonymous said...

Buckingham Palace, definitely with a lot of guardsmen about. S/M

Anonymous said...

Big Ben please. Carol in Australia

Andria said...

I want to see Buckingham Palace...with guards, preferably handsome ones!
Andria from Texas