Friday, October 15, 2004

Robin's lunch-break adventure: Pt 1

Robin goes down the tube
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

Yes, this is Robin's three part lunch-break adventure, which we've just returned from.

This is a picture of him at Tottenham Court Road tube station, where we went to catch the underground train to get the picture of Big Ben (which, you'll remember, got most votes).

But it's just a boring tube platform I hear you say. No, no dear readers. This, I believe, is the very tube platform where something nasty happens in 'An American Werewolf In London'. Luckily, Robin looks tough, so nobody bothered him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Kit, for the great photos of Robin! I enjoyed seeing the tube station -- especially when you point out it was in a movie. Very cool! I'd love to see any more sites that have been featured in movies. I'm planning a big trip over there in a few years, so I'm happy seeing any glimpse of life in London. That was really impressive, getting all that done on your lunch hour!!!

I was wondering -- do you ever get strange looks or comments when others see you photographing Robin?

Philadelphia, PA

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously crushing on Robin in the cute little hat! The pics are awesome, but of course they make me want more more more - lol!

Hope you are feeling better and that being out in the rain doesn't make you sick again!

KJ in the USA