Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It's working! Just 27 to go!

Yes, our campaign appears to be doing the job - we've had our busiest day on the Blog for ages. So thanks. As I write we're on 19.973 visitors. We could even hit 20,000 by tomorrow morning. Wowser.

Someone kindly posted on the comment tab below saying that they (and others) read through the RSS feed. Excuse my ignorance, but can someone explain what that is? And where would you go to read it? I'm a bit confused by all this RSS malarkey to be honest. People sometimes email about my RSS feed, but I have no idea what they're talking about! Help! Please!

In other news, today I wrote my groom's speech for the wedding on Saturday. And my mum and big brother have just touched down in Athens. We've got about 65 people from outside Greece, and they're all arriving in the next couple of days. Exciting stuff. I'm off into Athens again tomorrow, so I'll get another pic of wee Robin out there (stayed in the flat all day today working on this speech!)


Anonymous said...

I just read your post on reaching 20,000 hits - and just checked the site meter which read 20,002! WOO-HOO!
Congratulations! And best wishes for a beautiful, memorable wedding day. I will especially be thinking of your groom's speech and wishing you luck! I teach public speaking (speech) at a university here in the states, so I will be sending positive thoughts your way!

And to Sarah - be sure to have lots of tissues on hand -I'm sure they will come in handy to wipe away the happy tears!

And to Robin - if you begin to envy Kit his married status, just know that I'm single in the states and you are welcome to visit anytime :-)

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