Saturday, February 12, 2005

Today I get married!

Robin and rings
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Yes, here's Robin on the morning of my wedding in Athens, looking after the wedding rings.

The service is at 6pm tonight (they do evening weddings in Greece) in the Orthodox church that my fiance's parents got married in 30 years ago.

Thanks for all your best wishes.

I can't wait.



Anonymous said...

May you have years of happiness, months of joy, weeks of adventure, days of laughter, hours of joy, minutes of giggles - and if one small moment of unhappiness should come upon you, may you have a lifetime of healing, humor and love!

God bless you both on your wedding day!

KJ in the USA

Dawn said...

Good luck and best wishes to you both

Anonymous said...

They are so happy. It was a lovely wedding and the reception was great too. Lovely views of the acropolis all lit up.
For all you robin fans,and his sister at my mum's house,I have some picture's stored on my memory card of robin at the wedding ceremony itself so I will meet up with my little brother when he returns from his honeymoon and he can choose one for you all to see.
My last remark is to my little brother and his lovely wife. You make the perfect couple and am looking foward to spending more time with both(and kipping on your floor in the occasional drunken state)!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Edward/Brother, for the update on the wedding. I'm glad everything went so well for Kit and Lex. They give hope to the rest of us who haven't found our special someone. Who knows, maybe all of this might encourage Robin to be the next one walking down the aisle!

Vix in Philly

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you both !

thanks for sharing your private time with us all