Wednesday, February 09, 2005

We did it! We hit 20,000!

Robin in a market, celebrating!
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

Yes, as you'll tell from the extra wide smile on Robin's face, today we hit our 20,000th visitor! Thanks loads for the extra effort over the last couple of days - it's much appreciated by both myself and my red-breasted pal.

So, today was another cold day in Athens. Would you believe it has snowed - at least a sprinkle - every day since we arrived last weekend. The snow isn't settling, but it's absolute FREEZING cold (espcially for folks who packed thinking it would be warmer than mild London - which it very much isn't!). But the sun's shining. so that's the main thing.

Today we did our wedding seating plan and then went out and met my mum, brother, grampa and stepdad for a wander around the massive old central market hall in Athens. That's where Robin's standing, with folks packing up meat stalls (i think) in the background.

Right, I'm off to watch the all-important Greece v Denmark World Cup qualifier on TV (tried to get tickets, sadly didn't manage).

Thanks again for helping us hit 20,000 (especially the Robin loyalists like Vix, KJ, Dawn, Shay, Andrea, Cathy and all the others!).

Three days until the wedding... :)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS, KIT!!! I'm so glad you got your wish. Sorry to hear about the cold and snow over in Athens. I'm praying that you'll have a beautiful day for your wedding. Whatever the weather, it's more important that you're marrying the woman you love.

Hey, will we get to see Robin in a tuxedo??? ;~D

Vix in (warm and dry) Philly

Anonymous said...

Wish the best fun and romance for wedding!
Cheers from Belgium,

Dawn said...

Have a wonderful wedding day. Enjoy yourself and treasure every moment. If anything goes wrong, think of it as the funny story you'l be telling at your 50th wedding anniversary party!

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Robin and Co.! And another for the soon to be wedded couple! Best wishes for a wonderful day. I'll be raising a glass to your happiness from this side of the pond...


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