Thursday, February 10, 2005

Robin visits a 2,500-year-old temple...

Robin at Sounion
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Today me and Robin went up to the Sanctuary Of Poseidon, a temple at Cape Sounion about 35 miles outside Athens.

We went up there with my Grampa and fiance (that's them in the background on the left) - as my Grampa's in Athens for my wedding and he's always wanted to go up to Sounion, which he's never been to despite having travelled to Greece so much in the past that he speaks fluent Greek (to our taxi driver's obvious amazement!).

It's a beautiful place, amazingly situated that's definitely worth a visit if you ever make it to Athens. Nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning in the city too.

So, we've got some last minute sorting to do tomorrrow and then it's the wedding on Saturday. Thanks so much for all your best wishes in the comments tabs (including you Diegem - can't believe I didn't put you in my list of regulars!). It's ace that you're following our progress from all over the world.

I'll try and post something tomorrow - which is when about 40 of our friends and family arrive to join the 25 or so that have already made it out (plus, of course, the 60 or so guests who live here in Greece).

People keep asking me if I feel nervous. That in itself is making me feel nervous.Truth is, I'm actually more excited than anything else...



Anonymous said...

Quality quality quality!

I am excited too!

Rob x

Andria said...

Congratulations! My question is, how do you keep robin from flying off while you are taking her picture? You must have trained her well. Does she have a role in the wedding?