Friday, July 09, 2004

500 visitors! Not many comments!

Just looked at my counter - I've now had 500 visitors to (well, 509 to be exact). So thanks for coming. It seems to have picked up in the last few days actually, must be people looking for something to fill the gap left by Euro 2004!

The only problem is that no one really leaves comments. You're a shy bunch. So go on, say somethiing. Then we can have an Olympic debate which will make us all feel very grown up and intellectual. Deal?

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Kelly said...

You want comments? Here's a comment - I'm one of the 500 visitors. Actually, I'm probably more than one, because I try to pop in every couple days to see what's up. Too bad I can't fly on over to Athens and take advantage of some of those cheap tickets you've mentioned; I'm saving my money and/or frequent flyer miles for a trip to Hawaii next year. I wish I could say I'm looking forward to watching the Athens games on television, but I detest the commentary on the U.S. networks. Blah, blah, blah, diarrhea of the mouth, all the melodrama - by the time they actually get around to showing the sporting events, I'm about ready to shoot myself.

Anyway, cheers to you and your readers. And here's to a great and secure Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice blog. Looks like you got the same idea as us! :-)

Not many people commenting on our Athens Olympics Blog either - maybe sporting fans can't write or something? :-)

All the best with your site

Olympics Blog

Kevin said...

I help look after a large-ish running website in Australia. We have just posted a suite of "Olympic Hot Links" to our homepage ( and included your site there (it on the homepage - go the right and down a bit).

Its good to list some blogs (we added the best 2 I could see) as well as the usual suspects - Aust newspapers, IAAF and the official site.

We are keen to read lots of posts, good posts from a worms's eye view not the boring stuff we can read elsewhere. Celeb sightings doing weird things would be cool. Stuff about the Brits, Aussies and bit of Yankee-bashing would be good.

Anonymous said...

Have left you a respectably academic illustration in your post headed Naked Olympic action! That'll bring in a few comments...
Yrs - A Historian With An Eye for Detail.