Sunday, July 25, 2004

athens2004blog a hit down under! let's share tips!

Yup, just two weeks after we got our 500th visit, we've already hit 700. Which, I reckon, is pretty decent. And means we're averaging a massive 14 visitors a day. Yes! 14! That's, well, quite a lot.

The interesting thing I've noticed (from the Site Meter thing below) is that a healthy majority of the visitors are from Australia. I'm guessing this is because a) you're still basking in the glow of hosting the last Games so well, b) you're outdoors-y types, so even when your indoors on your computers you want to read about outdoors-y type things, and c) because I got a link from some big Australian running website.

And now for my latest shameless attempt to get some discourse going on athens2004blog (the only Olympic blog you'll ever need, except for the one that there's a link to over on the left which is actually very interesting too). G'day, sports. Stoked that you could visit my blog. Now tell me, who in the Australian Olympic team should we non-Oz folk be looking out for come the Games?

In fact, anybody from any country feel free to post your top tips on the comments thingy below, then we can all remember them and make ourselves look particularly with-it when we're watching the Games with mates and start singing the praises of some obscure Slovenian beach volley duo who then go on to storm the gold.

I'll start. There's a young Brit road-race cyclist called Nicole Cook. She had to miss Sydney - even though she was the top-ranked Brit at the time - because she was only 16 and the IOC said that was too young. She lives/trains with a pro team in Italy now, seems to be over a recent knee injury and is so fired up to be allowed to go to this Games that she's definitely one to look out for.


Darren said...

Well done on your stats. good to see some aussies are frequenting your page - we're good sorts!

Keep you eye open for Jana Pittman and of course Ian thorpe.

You might also be interested in putting a little mini medal tally on your blog. No pressure but you can get the code for it at

medal Tally

Kevin said...

I was just looking at my previous comment, as you said I ask for stuff from a women's point of view.

I double-checked what I wrote and I said:
We are keen to read lots of posts, good posts from a worms's eye view not the boring stuff we can read elsewhere. Celeb sightings doing weird things would be cool. Stuff about the Brits, Aussies and bit of Yankee-bashing would be good. - note it says worm's eye-view not women's.

Alicia Bennett said...

Hello, Just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how you have put it all together. I'll be coming back again.


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