Monday, July 12, 2004

I Got Comments! Yankee-Brit doesn't make it to Games!

So the big news first. As you'll see below, my shameless request for comments resulted in two - yes two! - comments. The first was from Kelly who is, officially, my Most Loyal Reader. She checks the site every couple of days and seems to like it, but isn't looking forward to the US commentary for the Games, which she says she 'detests'. My suggestion for Kelly the MLR is that she watches on TV and listens online to BBC Radio Five Live, who probably aren't quite as melodramatic ( The other comment comes from Darren who is running a very impressive Olympics Blog with an absolute shed load of news on it. Click on the comments thing below and you can click through to his site. Keep those comments coming!

The other big Olympic story is that the UK held its athletics trials for the games this weekend. An American chap called Malachi Davis turned up to run the 400m having only got his British passport (through his mother) on Thursday. He'd never set foot out of North America before landing on Friday, but promptly won his heat despite being the 28th best US 400m runner. Cue debate about how rubbish our sprinting has become and whether Malachi should be allowed to compete. Malachi didn't help himself to sound very British by comparing the Olympics to 'other big sporting events like The Superbowl and the World Series' (the difference being the whole world takes part in the Olympics!). But he came fourth in his final yesterday, so it doesn't look like he'll make it to the Games to represent Britain after all. Mr Storm meet Mr Teacup.

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Kelly said...

It is I, your Most Loyal Reader (ha ha!) Funny you should mention Five Live... I actually was on their "Up All Night" show last September, when they were on the road and broadcasting from Boston. I talked about American baseball. The irony, of course, is that the United States - the defending Olympic baseball champions - will not have a baseball team in Athens. Don't even get me started on that one. But I digress...

I'm afraid the TV/internet radio simulcast you suggest, though a good and logical idea, won't be possible for me here at -5 hours GMT. The bulk of our weekday coverage will be on tape-delay so we can watch it in the evening. Weekend mornings will be our only chance to see any live coverage. Oh, woe is me.