Friday, July 30, 2004

The British team depart sporting impressive leisurewear!

So a bunch of the British Olympic team have now departed for Athens. I suppose that gives 'em a while to have a look at the tourist sights before they have to think about racing/throwing/shooting/jumping/gymnasting/etc.

Now, may I say, their team leisurewear in the pictures on the link below looks very nice indeed. Check out the white T-shirts with the words Great Britain written in a swanky script - a clever twist on a simple classic. Note too the smart-but-casual trousers (tan? beige? camel?) - which look both stylish and comfortable. And who could describe the red, white and blue tracksuits as anything but natty?

Well done GB. Even if you're going to come last in your events, at least you'll have the consolation of looking jolly stylish.

Getty Images: First British Olympic Team Members Depart For Athens

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Anonymous said...

What the fashionable nudist about town is wearing to the Athens Olympics is, of course, the authentic kynodesme as modelled by athletes in ancient times. As the comment to your post dated Sunday, July 25, 2004 tells in detail: The kynodesme (literally a "dog leash") was a thin leather thong wound around the akroposthion (the extremity of the foreskin) that pulled the penis upward and was tied in a bow, tied around the waist, or secured by some other means. A perfect illustration of the kynodesme tied in a bow in a panathenaic amphora, attributed to the Triptolemos painter, dating from about 480 B.C.E. It can be seen here

Yrs - A Historian With An Eye for Detail.