Friday, July 16, 2004

Blummin' heck, the Games start 4 weeks today...

...which is quite a scary thought considering the amount of work I've got to do between then and now. The problem with booking three weeks holiday is that you have to do so much extra work before you go and even more extra work to catch up when you get back. Still, looking forward to it. In A Big Way.

More comments have come in - one from Kevin from Aussie running site Now very kindly he's put me as a link on his site, but then he starts giving me editorial tips! Apparently he wants celeb-spotting, posts from a woman's point of view and, he says, 'a bit of Yankee-bashing'. Well, I'll happily let you know if I see any famous folk and will ask my girlfriend to help me get in touch with my feminine side in order to send views from a feminist standpoint.

But Yankee bashing? Surely that would only be fair if something came up which deserved to be criticised? I'm not about to start campaigns against whole countries. I'm off to see the US basketball team at the Games and I really hope I see the game played as well as it possibly can be. And my MLR (that's Most Loyal Reader for those not paying attention) is American (or at least based in America) and I have no desire whatsoever to bash her. So, thanks, but I think I'll pass on that last one Kev.

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