Sunday, July 04, 2004

We booked some more tickets...

Hey up

Just booked some more tickets to the Games - they've recently made the men's hockey draw, so we've bagged a couple of tickets to see GB's final game (against Pakistan). Very cheap too at ten euros. In fact, can I say that tickets are all very reasonably priced so if you were thinking of going to the Games but were being put off because you thought it must cost a fortune, then, well, you were wrong and you should go! We've got tickets for ten other events - deep breath, tennis, football, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, horse jumping, badminton, archery, cycling and athletics - and we've got most of those tickets for between fifteen and thirty euros. Which is pretty darned good considering this is top international sport we're talking about. Agreed? Good.

Weirdly enough, flight prices seem to be coming down too. When we booked our flights from London to Athens in February, the cheapest we could find anywhere was through easyJet for £310 each. I looked today for a mate who's thinking of coming out for a few days and British Airways flights have gone way down - you can get a return in the middle of the Games for about £150. Easyjet were down too, and the same journey we'd booked was down to £250. Mad thing was that I rang easyJet up to grumble that the price has gone down even though their adverts always say 'book early to take advantage of our lowest fares' and they immediately sorted me out with a £120 credit note! Easyjet offering refunds? Greece in the Euro2004 final? A Russian 17 year old winning Wimbledon? Strange times indeed...

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