Friday, July 30, 2004

Olympic Village Open!

It's probably a good job considering that the athletes have started arriving - but the Olympic Village is now open. According to the piece below from Greek newspaper Kathimerini, 16,000 athletes will stay there and they'll be able to take advantage of "places of worship, shops, a bank, a post office, a hairdresser, cafeterias, 24-hour restaurants, a cinema, bars and a disco, a library, and a billiards hall." A disco? A DISCO?! And how exactly is that going to help them when they've got to get up early the next morning and run faster than anyone in the whole world? Pah! And double pah!

I do, though, like the idea that they're having a little welcoming celebration for every nation as they arrive. Well, as long as that celebration doesn't involve everyone going down the disco and getting hammered! Olympic Village opens

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