Monday, August 09, 2004

At last! Someone has entered my competition! He's called Paul! I like him!

It's taken four days but - at long, long last - someone has entered my Olympics Blog competition (see below). The quest is to guess which 11 Olympics events I'm off to see. Paul is a good man. He's admitted he only entered to keep me happy. And he has guessed the following:

Track & field; Football, Sailing, Basketball, swimming, equestrian, hockey, Shooting, tennis, wrestling, weight lifting.

Of the eleven events, Paul has guessed... (wait for it...) 6!

That's more than half. Well done Paul.

So, does anyone else want to enter? Get those guesses in or Paul gets the Olympic souvenir direct from Athens, which could be tricky as he hasn't left an address and I'm not sure the Greek postman would deliver to:
The Friendly Fella Who Entered My Competition,
Somewhere On Earth

I can't believe I'm this pleased that someone's entered. Made my night so it has.

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Anonymous said...

Track and Field, Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Cycling, Basketball, Football, Boxing, Rowing, Gymnastics

Mark Evans
New Street
SA48 7AL