Thursday, August 26, 2004

Competition latest!

The current Athens 2004 Blog competition is to guess the winning time of the men's 4x400m relay on Saturday night (the Olympic record is currently 2 mins 55.74 seconds and the world record is 2 mins 54.20 secs). Guesses so far are as follows:

2:54:14 Ginger from Seoul
2:54.17 Rachel in California
2:54:18 Dawn
2:54:21 Diegem.
2:54:25 Cathy from New Jersey
2:54:69 Ginger from Tennessee (who used her birthday to make her guess)
2:54:87 KJ in the USA
2:54:95 Bob from Calgary
2:55:19 Big Yank in the US of A
2:55:25 Dennis in UK
2:55:69 Giles in Manchester
2:55:70 Rob in Manchester
2:55:76 Rachel Archer in London
2:56:02 GM in London
2:56:08 Beccy in London
2:56:16 Vix (and her niece Bri)
2:56:18 Mark in Wales
2:56:22 Pete from Blackburn
2:56:58 Eleni the wannabe hairdresser in Athens
2:56:80 my Mum
2:57:00 Wonder Wally

And that's it so far. Keep them coming - in the comments box or by email. Oh, and if I missed anyone's guess let me know (it's quite hard to keep tabs on them all!).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for placing me on the comp list! My entry is 2:54:68 however; just a slight difference.

I'm getting a bit sad too that the Games will be over soon.

~ Ginger from Tennessee

Anonymous said...

It is so sad, what are we going to do without this blog? I want to meet Ginger and Bob and KJ and Vix and Dennis and, and, and......

I will have to settle for all those I do know, in no particular order, Rob, Pete, Teddy Bear, Wally, Beccy, Rachel & Co. Let's have an Athens2004blog party when Kit is back

Typical Mum

noelle said...

Despite my atrocious track record so far, here's my entry. Winning time is 2 mins. 54.97 seconds.