Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Just back from tennis. Very tired.

Robin. At the stadium.
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

Hey up

Just got back from the tennis - we ended up skipping the football and staying there to watch the local Greek woman play her match on centre court.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, but having got up at 7am the last two days for morning events (and, yes mum, not having had sensible early nights) I'm shattered, so I'm off to bed now.

For now, here's a pic of Robin outside the Olympic Stadium, which is part of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex, which is where the tennis is too. As you'll see, the flame is burning bright. I'll tell you all about the complex tomorrow too.

Now to bed. Big day tomorrow - not only have I got lots to tell you about in the morning, but the British mixed doubles badminton duo are playing in the final tomorrow afternoon, and we've got tickets!! Hurrah and hooray and can't wait! No doubt like them, I'll be dreaming of gold tonight...


Anonymous said...

I think you won the medal?

Anonymous said...

What fame, even if it is as typical Mum!! We looked for Robin but did not see him. Ah well.
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Yes in Greece we have Greek Women, but we also have Greek girls, or Greek tenis players as Britain has.

Anonymous said...

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