Saturday, August 21, 2004

The picture so many of you have been waiting for...

Robin gets into the groove
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Yes, it's the half-time dancing gals from the Beach Volley, which we've just got back from (notice how I've done my wee bit for equality by getting the athlete fellas in the picture too). Hope you're happy now.

It was absolutely boiling hot at the beach volley arena - we were at the afternoon session from 2.30pm-6.30pm - and even with the giant fans that blow cold mist (available at a fragrance counter near you now) around the arena, we were sweating buckets. It was really, really, silly hot. I have no idea how the players managed to play in that heat, but we saw some really good games. It's a great spectator sport, if you ever get the chance, do check it out. And, again, there was a great atmosphere in the packed-out arena.

One crazy thing happened at the beach volley. I was waving my Union Jack flag and one of the volunteers/stewards approached to ask if it was an English flag. I said, no, it's a British flag. She said, did Britain participate in the beach volley? I said, I don't know. She said, well if they didn't you can't wave that flag. I said, that's silly, they're participating in the Games so, as far as I understood, it was okay. She said, but did they compete in the beach volleyball? I said, they may have done. She said if they didn't I couldn't wave the flag. So her theory was that it was okay for all the Greeks waving their flags because they'd been in the early rounds of the beach volley, but not for me to wave a Union Jack because we may not have been. I said again, that's silly. She said she'd go and check with her supervisor. She never returned. I continued waving the flag. Oddness.

Anyway, in response to my earlier question, Noelle has written in to explain who Svetlana K is. "Svetlana K. as in Khorkina, the Russian silver medalist in the women's gymnastics individual all-around event. I wouldn't say the U.S. media is trashing her. She seems to be doing a good job of bringing it on herself, making the news conference all about her and declaring herself the Olympic champion even though she wasn't! Also saying gold medalist Carly Patterson was good because she had a Russan coach. Apparently Svetlana is well known as a prima donna in gymnastics circles." Thanks Noelle. Can't say I've been paying much attention to the gymnastics, largely because Britain are never any good at it.

Also, I've been meaning to say, you may have heard about the fella who jumped off the diving board in a clown's outfit during the men's synchronised diving last week (he was promoting a website), But did you hear he got five months in jail? Presumably he's not smiling any more.

Right. In a minute we're off for a night out around Athens (my fiance actually wrote the nightlife section for an Athens guidebook, so she's taking me around her favourite places. Apparently one club has lots of different rooms with each one themed like a room in a house - there's even a kitchen room!). And with Britain having won an amazing five (yes five!) gold medals today, we've got plenty to celebrate.

Then tomorrow morning we're off to the Orthodox church where we're planning to get married in February and then after that, lunch with my fiance's Granny and then on to the men's tennis final. So for the first exclusive reports of church/granny/tennis, click back here tomorrow evening!

Oh, and I'll also start a new competition if I can think of one.


Anonymous said...

hey what's the name of that club? it sounds interesting:)! anyway, i don't know about the other contest you are runing but you should have gave that poor girl the gold medal for the stupidest olympic volunteer!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kit, I was wondering if there are many children at the games. Is there an age limit to watch the events?

Vix from Philly

Anonymous said...

I saw some Greeks waving a pirate flag (long story - started at the EURO 2004) the other day at the swimming pool. Hopefully that doesn't mean that pirates participate in the olympics! lol
Also, in the spirit of the great Svetlana K. I declare myself the true winner of the competition (if only I hadn't changed my initial guess...)
Finally, after seeing him hanging out with the beach-volley dancers I declare Robin the true mascot of the games (way better than "Simpsons on steroids" Phoevus and Athena).
Well, I can't think of any other declarations.
Dennis, Greek in the UK

noelle said...

OOh, you're getting married in an Orthodox ceremony? Awesome. I happened into an Orthodox wedding ceremony in Helsinki, of all places when I wandered into the church there. So beautiful! They had these crowns for the bride and groom. (They weren't made of olive leaves either!)

Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

Anyhow, I wanted to say about British gymnastics, apparently you all had a medal hope, Beth Tweddle. had this story about her that I'm not too ashamed to say made me pretty weepy: Tweddle's mettle full of Olympic spirit

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the last! Interesting story you related concerning the volunteer and flag waving. You know...I'd signed up to be a volunteer back when they first announced the program...and filled out 3 rounds of paperwork sent to me over the course of time...but never got the final word concerning an assignment yea or nay.

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