Saturday, August 21, 2004

Olympic complex - it's very pretty

Walkway this way
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As promised, here's a pic of one of the amazing architectural treats at the main Olympic complex - this being a lengthy walk way of arches. There's also a massive moving wall that they project films onto. Really is an amazing place - particularly at night.

We're off the beach volley in a minute. Don't forget today is your last chance to enter my guess-the-price-of-Olympic-grub comeptition. How much in Euros for 2 x beer, 2 x water, 2 x hot dogs and 2 x that French sweet treat creme caramel. Winner will be announced tonight.

My mum's written in to point out that has a different ancient Greek Olympic front page every day at the moment. Check it out - it's a football goalie at the moment.

Mark from Wales has asked if US spectators are really staying away from the Games as predicted (because of security concerns). I've not been to an Olympics before, but certainly the Chile contingent far outweighed the US contingent in the men's tennis semi-final which they were both in yesterday. There are still plenty of folks from the US about, but a lot of them do seem to have stayed at home (where they're reading this blog in increasing numbers!).

Mark also asks it all medals are all the same, or whether they have the event they were won for engraved on them. Anyone out there know? Anyone out there won one?!

Finally, Todd from Flagstaff has written to say that Svetlana K keeps getting trashed by US commentators. Um, sorry Todd, but who is Svetlana K? All i care about this morning is the rowing - in which GB has just won a gold, a silver and a bronze (Matthew Pinsent won his fourth straight gold and promptly burst into tears!). Hooray for rowing! Hurrah for Matthew Pinsent!


Anonymous said...

That rowing was fantastic - silver, bronze then the gold. Thought should send commiserations to Brad in Canada and appreciation for the post race sportsmanship of the Canadian Four.
Sarah, Derby

noelle said...

Svetlana K. as in Khorkina, the Russian silver medalist in the women's gymnastics individual all-around event.

I wouldn't say the U.S. media is trashing her. She seems to be doing a good job of bringing it on herself, making the news conference all about her and declaring herself the Olympic champion even though she wasn't! Also saying gold medalist Carly Patterson was good because she had a Russan coach. Apparently Svetlana is well known as a prima donna in gymnastics circles.

More importantly, the Russian gymnast is plainly suffering from a raging eating disorder (probably a personality disorder or two as well!). An Australian newspaper has this article about it: Starved for successWhatever you think of Svetlana, she's not boring!