Thursday, August 12, 2004

Poster asks for news about weather. Athens 2004 Blog obliges.

An anonymous poster (hey folks, please put a name and a location at the bottom of your comment - then we can be one big global family!) has asked for 'News about the weather please.'

No worries. It's hot. Jolly hot. A heatwave is expected for the weekend (according to my fiance's 12 year-old sister Eleni, who knows about such things).

Menawhile Kevin has written in about the flag debate (see below) to say, 'The aussies usually have an aboriginal flag somewhere, and there would be a nationl outcry if it got confiscated. So I am sure the english thing is ok. stuff 'em.'

I've just been watching the TV channel with the rights to the Games. They managed to have a black out in Greece for the first 25 mins of the Greek football match last night, for which several of their staff have lost their jobs. Now they're talking about Kenteris, the Greek 200m gold medalist/hero in Sydney, who has, apparently, missed a drug test in the Olympic village. Big news. I can't understand a word they're saying but they all look very grave. Makes the following article about him, from The Independent on Aug 3, look rather pertinent... The Olympics may be coming home but are Greek athletes running away?

It's still hot.


Anonymous said...

Last Try:

Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Diving, Football, Hockey, Judo, Rowing, Tennis, Track & Field, Indoor Volleyball

Bob from Calgary

Anonymous said...

>>There will be 1,500 terminals at 20 Games venues available to the 21,500-strong press pack. Also available to journalists, athletes and IOC officials will be Info2004, an intranet with more than 50,000 pages of information, 11,000 biographies and historical results dating back to the first modern Olympics, held in Athens in 1896. >>
-- Yrs, The Historian.

Kelly said...

I just discovered your blog and am quite intrigued. I look forward to experiencing the games through your eyes!

I don't have an entry to your contest, but I do have a question for you. Have you noticed a lot of security people? Or do they tend to blend in?

Anonymous said...

Hey! It is not Alfa that has the rights to broadcast the Games. It's ERT. Elliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi : the state channel. Waiting for your impressions of Athens.

diegem said...

Great Blog. Continue!! You're so lucky to be there! I tried but the price of the hotels stopped me..
If you're @ the Opening Ceremony try to wear a red T-Shirt that we can spot you on TV ;-)
Cheers from Belgium (it's not so hot here..)

Anonymous said...

I quite agree about being a big global family, and thank you for weather update, special thanks to Eleni, Offical Weather Forecaster for Athens2004blog.

To reveal myself - its Sarah in Derby, England otherwise known on this site as "typical Mum", or I could be Mother-in-Law-to-be. I was not sure about revelations - but now you have it!!!