Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Four hours till my flight! More competition entries!

Yup, four hours till my flight. I've just bought a hat from a posh camping shop. The hat claims to be mosquito repellent, which is very clever. Anyway, enough of my blather, let's get to the latest competition entries...

First up is Perry who's guessed at:
"Track & Field, Taekwondo, Basketball, Swimming, Diving, Weightlifting, Futball, Arching, Volleyball (both beach and indoor) and I'll throw in a Badminton."
Seven out of 11. Ladies and gents, we have a new leader!

Next is Mark from Wales who's gone for:
Track and Field, Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Cycling, Basketball, Football, Boxing, Rowing, Gymnastics
Seven out of 11. Ladies and gents, we have a new joint leader!

Darren, meanwhile, has plumped for:
track and field, swimming, football, boxing, volleyball, gymnastics, rowing, Triathlon, weightlifting, basketball, equestrian
Five out of 11. Not half bad Dazzer. But not good enough.

And lastly there's Bob from Calgary (host of winter olympics past...):
Archery, Basketball, Cycling, Football, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Waterpolo, Weight Lifting
Five out of 11 too. Sorry Bob. Close, but no Olympic souvenir cigar.

Any more for any more? Can't someone with a computer compute all 11 from the various guesses yet?

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Anonymous said...

Badminton, Mountain Cycling, Football, Hockey, Judo, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, Indor Volleyball, Weight Lifting

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