Friday, August 13, 2004

Opening ceremony goes on a bit...

Robin watches opening ceremony
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We liked blue Eros. We liked the woman with the glowing pregnancy. We liked the DNA lasers. And Robin liked when the little boy arrived in a boat.

But this business of the athletes parading isn't exactly riveting TV. Soundtracked by what the Greek commentator called DJ Tiesto's 'modern disco music', the only real highlight has been the Bermuda team's natty red shorts. As we write Denmark are arriving. They look happy. Even though their outfits make them look like McDonald's staff.

Best get back to it. At least the use of the Greek alphabet to order the teams is providing a fun guess-who's-next game. Oh look, here come Switzerland..!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you were the first blogger i found with any kind of pictures of the opening ceremonies. Way to go!

Tyler, TX