Saturday, August 14, 2004

Brits win first medal. Robin takes dive to celebrate!

Robin takes a dive
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We Brits have just won our first medal of the games, a silver in the men's 10m synchronised diving. We just watched it on telly and despite a worryingly off-sync fifth and final dive, Leon Taylor and Peter Waterfield deservedly held onto the silver medal. Well done fellas! Hopefully the first of many. (Postscript to the earlier flag debate - almost every tacky souvenir shop in Athens sells English St George's Flags, not one we've seen has sold British Union Jacks.)

After watching the diving, an excited Robin demanded to go straight to the bathroom, where he had his first crack at the sport. As you'll have noticed, he's something of a natural...


Anonymous said...

Boy do I feel special after seeing my name in the blog headline (along with Robin's)!!! Thanks so much. I'm enjoying a celebratory cream donut, bought for me by my sister. I have a question about the Opening Ceremony last night that no one seems to be able to answer. After the athletes walked in, did they all just stand in that middle area of the field? And did the first ones have to stand there for 4 hours? I couldn't tell from watching on TV. Also, are you going to any Greek parties while you're in Athens?

Congrats on the Silver medal! (As you can tell, I too like exclamation points!!!)

Anonymous said...

Go, Robin, go! (still time to qualify for the 10m platform?)

- Kyle

Kelly said...

Synchronized diving? Never heard of it, until I turned on the US telecast (tape delayed by several hours, of course - bah). I've never seen anything like it! Congrats to all the medalists.