Monday, August 30, 2004

Olympic characters #8

Great Danes
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Olympic characters #8
These Danish fans were in the pond/lake/big puddle at the Helleniko complex celebrating their gold medal in the women's handball - which they've now won for the past three Games. The huge Helleniko complex was home to the fencing, basketball qualifiers, baseball, softball, monster truck racing, hockey and slalom canoeing*, so the people there for the handball didn't even barely fill it. But there was a really lovely last-day-of-term atmosphere amongst the folks that were there. Smiles and cheeriness all round.

In fact it's been the same on this Blog today. Thanks to all the folks (including Dawn, Noelle, AndriaW, KJ, Dennis and Bob from Calgary) who've written very kind things about it. Glad you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

* Okay. I made one of those events up.

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