Monday, August 23, 2004

Men's water-polo: not quite as violent. Plus feedback.

Robin at the water polo
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Hey up. This morning we went to the men's water polo. The women's we saw last week was in the indoor pool they use for diving, but with the swimming now over, this time it was at the big outdoor pool. The main stand - that we were in - was very busy too.

Saw two games, a six all draw between Germany and Australia and then the battle for the wooden spoon in Group B between Kazakhstan and Croatia. It was their last group game, and neither had got a point so far. Croatia won 5-4 after a brave comeback from Kazakhstan, who had a chance to make it 5-5 with seconds to go but, for some reason, chose not to shoot.

It was noticeable that the men's shots were harder and their goalies were better, but they definitely weren't as violent as the women we saw last week - a lot less fouls conceded. (Or maybe they just hid their violence under the water better.)

In other news... I got an email from Ginger in Seoul (hi Ginger!) who read about the Athens 2004 Blog in that Press Association article which went in the Stars And Stripes, the worldwide newspaper of the US armed forces. So hello to any soldiers reading (let us know if you are). And remember, give peace a chance!

And Vix has written to ask if people of all ages are allowed into all Olympic contests. Yes Vix, except the men's 50 gallon beer drinking, which is only open to over 18s.

Finally, that nasty kangaroo (see below) may well be employing body guards by now - I've received a surge of defensive support for Robin...

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