Saturday, August 21, 2004

Ta-da-da (fanfare)! Competition results!

Robin attacked!
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Competition result!

The picture's of Robin getting attacked by a kangaroo at the beach volley today after he strayed into an Aussie section. He might look on the defensive, but don't worry, moments later the feisty marsupial was sent packing by a mighty peck to the jaw.

Anyway. Onto the competition results. Here are the entries:

Shirley from Florida 61.75 Euros, Vix 42 Euros (she doesn't want to win though - she won the last one), Connie (who only just entered in time!) 38.65 Euros, GM 38 Euros, Diegem 33 Euros, John Abatzoglou 32 Euros, Mark 29.6 Euros, Nulli 29.5 Euros, Todd the boffin 29 Euros, Elizabeth 28.75 Euros, Cathy 28.75, Laurel 28 Euros, Noelle 27.5 Euros, Andria 26 Euros, KJ 24.5 Euros, Roberto 24 Euros, Dennis 20 Euros, Bob 17.5, Eleni 16.5 Euros, Simon Wonder Wally 14.5 Euros.

And here are the answers.
Hot dogs - 2.50 Euros (x2) = 5.00 Euros
Water - 0.50 Euros (x2) = 1.00 Euros
Beer - 2.00 Euros (x2) = 4.00 Euros
Creme Caramel - 0.80 Euros (x2) = 1.60 Euros (though, for some reason, some stalls are charging 1.00 Euros each - even though their signs say 0.80 Euros - which would be 2 Euros).

TOTAL - 11.60 Euros (or 12.00 Euros if you get over-charged).

Which means Dennis actually had it closest with his initial guess - the first of the competition - of 12 Euros. But he changed his guess to 20 Euros. Sorry Dennis. So the results are
GOLD: Simon Wonder Wally
BRONZE: Bob from Calgary (who got silver in our last competition).

Congratulations Mr Wonder Wally! Mr Wonder Wally is actually my oldest and bestest pal - but I promise I didn't help him with the answer - and he spent this afternoon alone in the drizzle in England watching our football team, York City, getting hammered 3-0 at home. The poor chap was due a bit of good news.

So not one person went as low as the actual price - which proves that we weren't alone in being surprised how cheap things are, particularly drinks. Even the Greeks are impressed - we've heard a few in the queues saying how they expected thing to be much more expensive.

The only problem with the food is the lack of variety. If you're going to a lot of events, like we are, the food options of hot dog, cheese pie, pork kebab, baguette or pizza start to get a bit tiresome (particularly if, like my fiance, you're a vegetarian). And, remember, you're not allowed to bring your own food in. It's not particularly healthy fare either. In fact, the McDonalds at the Olympic Complex is the only food venue at any of the Olympic venues where you can buy salads and fruit. MaccyD's the healthy choice. Who'd have thunk it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mr. Wonder Wally! Welcome to the Winners Circle!!!

Vix from Philadelphia, PA
The first competition winner

Anonymous said...

Oi! You Roos - leave that Robin alone.
Robyn, Etwall, England