Thursday, August 26, 2004

Up with the birds (Robin's used to it)

It's 6:27am and we're up, up, up! Off to see the canoeing/kayaking in a minute (a metro, train and bus ride away - way outside Athens) - which starts at 8.30am. We're nothing if not dedicated!

Good Google Olympics pic today on their front page ( - a Taekwondo fella has kicked the L in half.

Oh, and thanks to Dennis, our Greek in Coventry, for his very interesting reply about Macedonia and why they call it the former republic. Well worth clicking the comments under 'Wrestling: it's baffling' to read.

Just four more days of Olympics to go (including today) - I'm already starting to feel a little sad that it'll all be over soon. Still, got some amazing events to see between then and now...

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