Saturday, August 14, 2004

Djibouti update!

Mark from the UK has emailed to say that, according, to Barry Davies' TV commentary, the sole Djibouti athlete is a 20 year-old tennis player.

Meanwhile I've discovered that Djibouti is a small African country of 650,000 population whose only industry is, apparently, 2 soft drinks factories!

More details of the Djibouti tennis hero (who must be jolly sad that she can't enter the doubles) to come...

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Anonymous said...

A bit more Djibouti info for you: There has been 1 Olympic medal won by a Djiouti athlete. In 1988, in Seoul, Ahmed Saleh from Djibouti won a bronze medal in the Men's Marathon with a time of 2:10:59.

Nomadic animal herding is the main occupation in Djibouti, but most revenue comes from the Djibouti Port. I did find a picture of the beautiful Djibouti Sheraton, if you're interested in visiting. :-)

Hope you and that cutie Robin are having a good time!

KJ from the USA