Saturday, August 14, 2004

Vix thrilled with win! Robin checks Olympic merch!

Robin checks the merch
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Vix from Philly has written to say how thrilled she is to have won the guess-the-events competition. 'I know the prize is just a 'tacky souvenir' as you say, but I will treasure whatever it is,' she says.

Well, me and Robin have already been to one of the many shops selling Official Olympics merchandise to see what might be a suitable prize. The great thing about all the stuff is that it has the price printed on the packaging - so no nasty shopkeepers can rip you off - and it's all very reasonably priced (which is probably why half of Athens seems to be wearing it!). As you'll see above, Robin was a big fan of the Olympic baseballs. But I think they're probably a bit heavy to send to the US. Vix's prize will be somewhat lighter...

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