Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The big flag question!

Hello. After a nice night's (or, morning's really) sleep, I'm up and about and getting excited about the Greece v Korea football game this evening (it's not in Athens, so I'll be watching on TV). It's the Greek men's first game since they won Euro 2004, so everyone here is pretty excited about it (even if most of the under 23s in the side didn't play in Portugal).

Anyway, I have a quandry to throw open to the Athens 2004 Blog massive...

According to the IOC's Olympic Games regulations, you can't take frisbees, or food or drink into the Games arenas. Fair enough (if a little annoying), you come to expect that. But - and here's my query - they also say you can only bring flags of the 200-odd countries that are competing in the Games (not just in the specific event you're off to see) into any event. Flags of countries not coming to the Games are banned. Now, I'm off to see Great Britain players or teams in a couple of events, but I don't have a Union Jack (the flag of Great Britain), just a St George's flag (the English flag) with the name of my soccer team (York City) written across it (and which I've told folks to look out for).

The question is, is a St George's flag therefore against the regulations to be allowed into any event because England aren't competing in the Games, Britain are. And would Scottish flags be banned for the same reason? Or are they both allowed because those countries are within Great Britain and are, therefore, competing? What do you legal eagles out there reckon?

And don't fret if you're reading this mum, I'm not overly concerned. It's just a bit of fun..!


Anonymous said...

Hello there! Funny you should mention this. I was doing a bit of armchair research last week, watching some Barcelona '92 world-feed tapes of the track coverage... there were a number of St. George's Crosses flying during Mr. Christie's 100m heats. (Sigh, weren't those the days.) Anyway, that probably means either a.) yes you can, or b.) it's selectively or randomly enforced at the venues just like most things. I'll enjoy your coverage from Greece these next few weeks while I kick myself for giving in to the security warnings. Cheers! Kyle

Anonymous said...

Cant you fly both? Get a union jack becuase what happens when u support a Scots or Welsh athlete? Or you could buy all three countries flags and wave as appropriate. from what i read if u dare take in any food or drink not endorsed by the organising comittee ie mcdonalds or coca cola you may be evicted!! Be aware! Have fun Mark

Anonymous said...

Well yes - I am a bit concerned they might confiscate the England flag if they decide it does not count then you would also say goodbye to your York City flag which so many of us have spotted as it travels the world!
Hardly an anonymous comment is it!!! Mum

Kevin said...

The aussies usually have an aboriginal flag somewhere, and there would be a nationl outcry if it got confiscated. So I am sure the english thing is ok. stuff 'em.