Thursday, August 26, 2004

Robin meets 5th longest jumper in the whole wide world!

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Look who we bumped into just outside the Olympic stadium tonight - yes, it's British long-jumper Chris Tomlinson who'd just finished 5th in the long jump final (he was literally just wandering about outside).

Although he seemed slightly disappointed not to have finished higher he had to concede our point that getting a season's best jump and being fifth longest jumper in the world wasn't bad going. And as the picture shows, the cheery fellow definitely wasn't down in the dumps.

'This photo's not for FHM is it?" he laughed as he posed with the red-breasted friend-of-the-Olympians. No my friend, it's for Athens 2004 Blog - home of the Robin!


Anonymous said...

Just in case Chris Tomlinson reads this!! It was an excellent result - hey, you hit the board spot on for every jump - first time I have seen that all season.
Well done.
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

hi, your blog made the papers here, and that's how i found it! love the pic. am greviously jealous of you right now :P

~ Lara Amir

Anonymous said...

Kit, I just have to say that that is a horribly punny caption for the photo. (And yet I laughed.) :D

~Cathy from NJ