Friday, August 13, 2004

Flame lit! Athens 2004 Blog supports Djibouti!

So the lengthy ceremony is done, Bjork can go back to singing with a microphone (why the miming?) and the Moldovan women can put away their pink suits. It all dragged on a bit (perhaps next time they can make each country jog), but it was a good show. We watched the finale fireworks from the roof of the apartment block. Superb.

Having seen the ceremony, we've decided to throw our support behind the entire Djibouti team - which, if you were watching, you'll know is just one, shy looking young woman. We're going to find out what she's called, what she's competing in and how she does oh and where Djibouti is. We may even go along to watch their only athlete compete.

Talking of which, the which-11-events-am-I-going-to-see competition is now closed. Thanks for all the entries. The medal ceremony will be in the morning...


Anonymous said...

Was a very good opening ceremony except for Bjork but we were warned about her before hand. The Dijbouti athlete is if i remmeber rightly 20 yr old and shes in the tennis so our excellent knowledgeable Barry Davies said


Anonymous said...

I think Robin is great! Will he have different outfits that co-ordinate to the different events you are going to attend?

KJ from the USA

Anonymous said...

I have a question. There's lately been a musical or theatrical spectacular after the torch lighting (i.e. Three Tenors in Barcelona, rock n blues fest in Atlanta, etc.), but NBC-TV here in the States cut it short for the night right after the flame was lit. I'm wondering... did we miss anything? (Our teevee coverage here has been otherwise excellent... finally)

- Kyle from Philly (home of contest winners and so-so Olympic boxers)