Friday, August 13, 2004

Greek stars in crash!

Aparently the reason Greek duo Kostas Kenteris (Greek 200m gold medalist in Sydney) and Katerina Thanou (silver medalist in the women's 100m in Sydney) missed their drug test last night was because they left the Olympic village to pick up some belongings and then were involved in a car crash with a motorbike. This is all BIG NEWS here in Athens, where the showing of 'The Talented Mr Ripley' last night was interupted by constant newsflashes that all said exactly the same thing.

The TV is currently showing lots of VIPs arriving to the President's place for a big garden party. Tony Blair looks jolly excited.

In other news, after asking comment posters to say where they're from, my mum wrote to say she was from England. Funnily enough, I knew this. It was more the rest of you (who've turned up in massive record numbers today) that I was interested in.

Lots of other comments to post, but demands on the fiance's family's computer are high so I'll have to write more later. And remember, the guess-which-11-events-I'm-going-to competition ends when the Opening Ceremony starts. That means you've got six hours, 56 minutes and 24 seconds to get those guesses in and win yourself a tacky Olympic souvenir sent direct from Athens...


diegem said...

I'd say: Football (the real one : soccer), Swmimming (nice when it's hot), Diving (also), Hockey (why not?), Tennis (to support our Justine of course), Mountain bike (yes it is an Olympic sport!), Athletism (not sure of the word), Gymnastic (not sure either), Rawing (really English no?), Kayak (always the hot reason), Sailing... (and eventually Base-Ball as no european would see some except during the Olympics.)
If I win I want a mussaka!

simon wonder wally said...

Right then, I'm going to have a crack at the competition, but I would like to be overlooked in the prize category as I have inside knowledge of several of the events that are definately being attended. However, I doubt very much I can guess all 11. I am going to say football, tennis, beach vollyball, track and field, hockey, badminton, cycling- road, cycling- mountains, equestrian, boxing and baseball.

What the many new visitors to your wonderful Athens diary are crying out for is photos. Show us Athens and we will show you our loyalty.

Following the car-crash debarcle, I couldn't help but notice this section from an article on Kostas Kenteris on the eurospoirt website:
"Kenteris' infrequent appearances have not only raised eyebrows, they have led to rumours that he is trying to avoid doping tests.
The talk began last summer when he missed an out-of-competition drug test. After notifying anti-doping officials he would be training on the Greek island of Crete, he took off to Qatar with training partner and compatriot Ekaterini Thanou, the Olympic 100 metres silver-medallist."
Let us all hope this enigma of Greek athletics is the great champ I am sure he is and not just a master of excuses.

In what is predicted to be the slowest, lowest, weakest Olympics for years due to new and better drug testing, I am looking forward to some great genuine personal performances and top competition on the most level playing field in my own 29 years of living Olympic memory.

Anonymous said...

One last guess:
Badminton, Track and Field, Taekwondo, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Diving, Weightlifting, Futball, Volleyball Indoor, Volleyball Outdoor

BTW -- where is your RSS feed? Is it me or did I miss it? my reader doesnt seem to find one...

-Perry (from Chicago)

Anonymous said...

I hope it's not too late to enter the competition. I just found the site late last night and have been working on my guess ever since. Here it is -- Judo, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Sailing, Archery and Gymnastics. Thanks for all the information, but I also would love to see some photos of Athens.

Vix in Philadelphia, USA

Anonymous said...

Insider information eh? I've been very good not to use it! Now then Wally, don't be a Wally!!! However, I have to say lots of you are missing a big clue in the Archives.
Sarah, Derby