Saturday, August 28, 2004

Competition closes! Other bits and bobs!

So, here are the last two entries for the 4x400m relay comp. Paul says 2:55:12 but doesn't say where's he's from (he does, though, use the word 'awesome' - to kindly describe this blog - so he may well be from America.) Meanwhile Linda from Alaska (who's also very nice about the blog) says 2:55:79.

And so we have...

2:52:90 Shay in Tasmania
2:53:40 Joanna in California
2:54:14 Ginger from Seoul
2:54.17 Rachel in California
2:54:18 Dawn
2:54:21 Diegem.
2:54:25 Cathy from New Jersey
2:54:68 Ginger from Tennessee
2:54:87 KJ in the USA
2:54:95 Bob from Calgary
2:54:97 Noelle
2:55:00 Pippa
2:55:01 Todd the boffin
2:55:12 Awesome Paul
2:55:19 Big Yank in the US of A
2:55:25 Dennis in UK
2:55:69 Giles in Manchester
2:55:70 Rob in Manchester
2:55:76 Rachel Archer in London
2:55:79 Linda from Alaska
2:56:02 GM in London
2:56:08 Beccy in London
2:56:16 Vix (and her niece Bri)
2:56:18 Mark in Wales
2:56:22 Pete from Blackburn
2:56:58 Eleni the wannabe hairdresser in Athens
2:56:80 my Mum
2:57:00 Wonder Wally

That's the lot! Why not print them out and keep them by your sofa so that you can find out who won straight away!

There's been some really interesting feedback about the Kenteris booing thing in the stadium the other night - can't really do them justice here, click on the Comments for 'Athletics: Greeks make a point. At length' to read them. Tis well worth it.

Oh, and Lara Amir has written again to say that the paper report she read about Athens 2004 Blog was in Malaysia.

As for the sports you think should go or stay. Diegem says get golf lose baseball, Bill Sims in Louisiana says no to baseball/softball and no to cricket, but yes to beach volley. Cathy from New Jersey thinks Robin should go to a spa to relax and would like to see lacrosse in and table tennis out. Noelle says lose team sports and get inline road skating. And Todd the boffin in Flagstaff says get rid of anything synchronised. Any more for any more?

Finally, KJ has written to say she has a crush on Robin. He's single KJ. You might just be in with a chance...


Anonymous said...

Hey - its Bob from Calgary, brilliant, and guess who nearly did it - KJ!!!!
Wow, that was exciting stuff, but not as good as GB winning the 4 x 100 - that was awesome and so unexpected.
And in the middle of it all, Kit rang his Mum, aahhh, from the stadium. How good is that?!!
And - Bob, Mum's (married) surname is French Canadian, but I don't know which side of that fence you are on.

Congratulations to Bob and all the rest of us for creating a world-wide family during the Olympics. Who is going to 2008 then???? someone has to start saving. Have suggested Rob from Manchester. For now must do a bit of prep for tomorrow (Sunday) as I am a Rev'd as well as Typical Mum.

Well done Kelly, well done 4 x 100.

Sarah, Derby

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