Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Olympic characters #9

Me, she and Robin
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

These final Olympic characters are Kit and his fiance, Lex. They came to Athens for the whole of the Olympics and wrote about their experiences on Athens 2004 Blog. They went to 22 sessions of 16 events in 17 different venues. They brought a Robin with them. And they all had an absolutely great time.

Yup, this is the last entry we're writing in Greece - we're off back to London first thing in the morning and we're spending a (much-needed) day at the beach today - but before we go, we thought you might like to see what we look like, seeing as we're all friends now. This is us outside our last event, the handball.

Thanks again for reading. Over the next few days we'll be posting up those 'best' lists we promised, and then after that, well, we'll see (I'm amazed how many of you have emailed to say you'd like to read a blog about our forthcoming wedding!). But this certainly won't be the last you see of Robin - whether it's Torino 2006 or Beijing 2008 or (more likely) something long before then, he's got a taste for getting in pictures and he ain't about to quit now. So do keep stopping by - the blog will certainly be updated regularly.

Right. That's it for Greece then. But come back during the rest of this week for lots of post-Games stuff.

Efharisto and adio for now!


Anonymous said...

At last! A photo of the happy (and good looking) couple! Hope your day at the beach has left you both refreshed and ready for your return to London.

Thanks for all the laughs and insights over the past two weeks and more. I certainly have enjoyed your Athens 2004 Blog and will stick around to see what the next adventure Robin manages to get himself into, no matter what it is. I have no doubt he could really enliven an English country fair. And I think it goes without saying, but I will say it anyway .... your Adoring Public demands a Wedding 2005 Blog!

Thank you again for sharing your Olympic experience with a wider world and safe travels!

~ Ginger from Tennessee

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - its all making me a bit dewey eyed? Is it the end of Athens, or is it the forthcoming wedding? At least I can say, I am a typical Mum.
love to everyone I have 'met' over this last fortnight or so.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the fantastic work you've both done!
Gr8 gr8 blog!
i wish you the best for the all the (good) things that are coming now.

Vive les Jeux! Vive athènes! Vive robin!

Diegem - Belgique

noelle said...

Aren't the two of you lovely! Thanks for letting us see you both.

First post for wedding blog 2005: How We Met.

I can't be the only one who's curious about that!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Paul here... great stuff, I watched the handball match in the States and it's great stuff. Now time for the World Cup of Hockey (Our stupid NHL commissioner stole the name from FIFA)... go USA!

I hope to be in Beijing for 2008 also.

Anonymous said...

being in athens, your blog was an alternative (and complementary) view of all these great olympics. THX!

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