Sunday, August 29, 2004

It's all over! (But there's plenty left to say...)

it's all over...
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So that's it. The Games closed with a ceremony that was nice if not quite as stunning as the opening (my highlights tonight were Sexy Sakis falling over and when the little Chinese girl jumped out of her skin as the fireworks went off behind her! Is that cruel? Sorry).

As you'll see, Robin shed a wee tear. I didn't quite get that far, but I must say it's been an unforgettable couple of weeks and it is quite sad that it's all over. But we've had such an amazing time. And it's been great being able to share it with you folks all over the world. Thanks for reading.

But, before we all collapse into a sobbing heap - don't worry, there's plenty more to come here on Athens 2004 Blog!

I've got today's handball final to tell you about (so much better than we'd expected) - plus we'll be giving out our 'Best' awards (best cheese pie, best music at venues, best flag etc etc).

Oh, and look out for the (quite lengthy) list of 'Things That Turned Out Not To Be Worth Worrying About For Athens 2004'. And it'd be cool if you could send in your highlight of the Games and I'll post them all up.

All that to start tomorrow (Monday) night after our meeting with the priest who's marrying us in Athens in February. See, this marvellous city has got another big event happening before too long... Wedding 2005! (Will the transport system cope? Yeah, no doubt).


Dawn said...

Does this mean there will be a wedding blog? :) Thank you for this wonderful comentary of the Olympics. It has been truly enjoyable reading about your adventures.

noelle said...

Ah blogger. I have to log in like 5 times before it deigns to remember me!

Anyhow, bravo again on all your blogging efforts and so glad to hear there is more to come!

I'm also quite sad as always that the Games have ended. *sheds tear with Robin*

On the other hand, it will be quite nice to return to a more normal sleep schedule!

Andria said...

Thanks for your commentary! It has been great fun seeing the Olympics through Robin's eyes! Now you can start training for the 2006 games!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed many moments of the Olympics, but none more than reading your blog! Best wishes with your wedding, I hope that Robin will get to attend. If Robin ever flies across the pond to the USA, I have a little nest he is welcome to stay in! :-)

KJ from the USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again for your fantastic blog of which I was one of the biggest fans. I'm really going to miss Robin from now on (How about a blog for the wedding preparations? Cruel, I know). Best of luck with the wedding and everything,
Dennis, UK

Anonymous said...

I agree with your highlights of the closing ceremony - other misfortunes are always the funniest. Are there any singers under 40 in Greece ? Either that or they have been lying in the sun for too long !! Reading your blog has been brilliant - at least we get a worldwide coverage, better than the one sided Aussie coverage. All the best and along with the wedding blog I look forward to reading your Beijing Blog ??????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog - it has brought the Olympics to life for me - and has made me want to attend one. Something i have never had before or i would have gone to Greece! Roll on Bejing...Cheers Rob in Manchester, England

Anonymous said...

thank you for blogging, it was great! i especially liked Robin (wheee!).

so Sakis is his name... i thought he looked a bit like Hugh Jackman, and then he fell over and it was chortle-some :P

~ Lara Amir