Sunday, August 08, 2004

We're in today's Sunday Times!

Yes, athens2004blog is featured today in an article headlined 'Net bids for Olympic gold' - which focuses on 'the main contenders' of Olympic sites in the News Review section of the UK's Sunday Times. We're one of seven Olympics-related sites featured (and the only Blog).

The paper has a circulation of around 1.3 million, so hopefully it means a few people will turn up and enter my competition, below (the prize being a souvenir of the Games, which I promise to send from Athens - please enter, it would make me happy).

Here's a link to the piece Sunday Times Site Test: Rating Olympic standard bearers

And if you're visiting for the first time as a result of seeing it in the paper, then hello! And welcome! And ignore that thing the Times said about me 'only' getting 1,000 visitors, I thought a thousand was quite a lot!

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