Friday, August 20, 2004

Robin has the morning off! Blog gets more press!

Robin catches some rays
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

Yes, after our super-hectic schedule over the last few days, Robin enjoyed a morning off this morning, catching some rays on the balcony of the flat we're staying in in Athens.

In a minute we're off to the tennis to see a men's semi, and both women's semis. The women's semi between Justine Henin-Hardenne vs Anastasia Myskina (1st and 3rd seed) looks like the pick of them.

athens2004blog got some amazing press yesterday in a piece by the Associated Press's internet writer Anick Jesdanun, which seems to have been published by around 60 newspapers and sites in the US! Thanks Anick! You can read it here at The Seattle Post Olympic websites report. Big welcome to anyone who's come to the site through the piece (which already included Ginger from Tennessee and Rachel from California). (Oh, by the way you can just type to get here - you don't need the blogspot bit.)

Some more competition entries too. Eleni from Athens has gone for 16.5 Euros. Mark from Wales has pointed out that he said 29 not 19 (and he's changed it to 29.6 after my clue). And Michelle Ossiander has plumped for 22. Keep the entries coming (details below).

Meanwhile the AC/DC debate rumbles on. Eddie has written to point out that Angus and Malcolm Young were born in Scotland, so it was neither an appropriate song NOR an appropriate country to play during an Australian water polo match,

Right, gotta dash, tennis starts soon...


Anonymous said...

Good day...i am pleased Robin is getting a well deserved rest...the blog shows he is an all action hero! BTW wot is Batman up to? Rob, Manc

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit and Robin.
Put me down for 17.5 Euros for the competition. You haven't commented much on the weather. It looks pretty warm... Remember to cheer on the Canadian Beach Volleyball teams.

Bob from Calgary

noelle said...

Has anybody guessed 27.50 euro yet?

Actually, I have another question. Any trouble about bringing cameras into the venues and taking photos? Doesn't seem like there is, but I'd like to know since I'm heading to Torino in 2006. Thx!

Anonymous said...

Ahoy there! Glad to see that Robin is practicing safe suntanning with the SPF lotion.

Thanks to Ginger from Tennesee for pointing the way to your blog. I completely agree that it is an entertaining way to avoid work for a bit, as well as to get the news we really want from the Games. My "negative media" experience has been from a particular journalist on, who seems to have a desire to turn even the good news into something cynical. Anywho, sounds like a great time is being had by all.

My guess for the contest would be 28.75 Euros. Someday I hope to try one of those creme caramel sweets. Cheers,

Cathy, New Jersey, USA

Anonymous said...

Speaking of negative comments, I was growing quite weary with the USA TV talking-heads trashing Svetlana K. I mean, okay, I doubt I'd enjoy sitting down and having a beer with her (although it looks to me she should have a few pints of stout - she's skin and bones), but for heaven's sake do they have to rubbish her nonstop? I am curious, are the commentators from other countries so cruel to that woman?

And another thing, what were the judges thinking, giving the Australian woman a 9.3something on her floor exercise in the all-arounds? That was the best set I'd seen so far. Of course, I know next to nothing about the sport....

Todd from Flagstaff, who is walking on air after the USA Women's Soccer team beat Japan today.... Next, the Germans (gulp)