Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Competition entries! Other stuff!

The competition entries (to guess the winning time of the men's 4x400m relay - which incidentally I'll be at) are coming in thick and fast:

- Bob from Calgary - who's celebrating Canada's gymnastics gold - says 2:54:95.
- Diegem - who thinks sprinters look like bulls - thinks 2:54:21.
- Cathy from New Jersey - who's calculated her answer with wind patterns and the El Nino effect - 2 minutes 54.25 seconds.
- My Mum has said 2:56:8 - I'm taking this to mean 2:56:80 rather than 2:56:08. Clarification please mother!
- Rob in rain-soaked Manchester, UK - 2 mins 55 secs point 70.
- Big Yank in the US of A says 2:55:19.
- 2.56.02 for this one, says, GM in London.

Keep 'em coming. By the way, no one from my work has entered any of my competitions. I know you're reading. C'mon fellas, get the entries in!

Meanwhile, Huol & Ni Lam have written to ask if I think dragon boat racing should be in the Olympics. Yes! What a cracking idea! If America's allowed to have women's softball (they just won gold like they do every time, having scored 53 runs and conceded just one in the whole tournament - the reason being they're the only country who plays it anything like seriously!) then the Far East should be allowed dragon boat racing!

And finally, Great Britain have made it onto the top 10 medal table over on the left for the first time. Except for some reason it says 'United Kingdom (Great Britain)' - would 'Great Britain' not have been sufficient?

Right. Off to the athletics in a minute. Go, go Dean Macey in the last few events of the decathalon (sadly he slipped to 7th this morning...).

Oh, and Athens 2004 Blog had its 10,000th visitor this morning. Thanks very much y'all!

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